Medical translations require highly specialised background knowledge and expertise. However, only possessing either outstanding level language skills or specialised training and expertise in a given field are insufficient for high quality medical or pharmaceutical translations. A combination of these complementary skills is absolutely essential in the biomedical translation field.

Whether the target language is Hungarian or a foreign language, LinguaMED collaborates only with native medical and pharmaceutical translators, and if necessary, native proofreaders are employed to assure that the finished translation meets the expectations of our clients on every level. Our group of certified professional translators includes medical specialists, pharmacists, biologists, dentists and research engineers with many years of experience, most of whom are currently active in their respective fields. The quality and accuracy of medical translations supplied by LinguaMED are guaranteed by the thorough training, scientific and language skills and years of experience of our native translators as well as a multi-level quality control system.

The above description is far from exhaustive and LinguaMED accepts translation and proofreading assignments in any medical field or associated fields as well as related disciplines such as medical law or medical economics.
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The most common subjects and document types in medical translation:

orvostudomany LinguMED

Medical reports · Outpatient reports · Treatment charts · Discharge reports · Journal articles · Studies · Lectures · Professional CVs · Clinical trial protocols · Scientific theses · Expert opinions · Documents for grant submission


gyogyszereszet LinguaMED

Drug information sheets · Patient Information Leaflets · Summary of Product Characteristics · OGYÉI (National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition) approval · ETT (Medical Research Council) opinions · EEKH (Medical Licensing and Administrative Office) decisions · Labelling · Brochures · Brochures for nutritional supplements · Product information sheets · Marketing materials 

fogorvosi LinguaMED

Web pages · Descriptions and instructions for the use of dental tools and devices · Informational materials · Consent forms · Data sheets

muszaki egeszsegugyi LinguaMED
Medical technology

Descriptions of medical equipment and medical devices · Instructions for use · User manuals · Marketing materials for medical/health and wellness devices · Information sheets and brochures

biologia LinguaMED

Biotechnology patents · Journal articles · Descriptions of research projects and accompanying technical documentation

gyogyaszati segedeszkoz LinguaMED
Therapeutic aids

Product brochures and descriptions · Instructions for use · Web content (e.g. online stores) · Catalogues and brochures

szepsegipar LinguaMED
Cosmetic industry

Web pages · Consent forms · Data sheets · Product brochures and descriptions · Informational materials · Catalogues

pszichologia LinguaMED

Journal articles · Research materials · Questionnaires · Case studies · Presentations