Under prevailing Hungarian legislation, our office is authorised to prepare properly endorsed official translations. The pages of the completed translation are printed, stamped, and signed. After that, we add the original source document (or a copy thereof) and append the proper endorsement of our office including a certification in both the source and target languages stating that the content and format of the translation is identical to the original source language document.

Authorised translation of official documents for corporate registration

We prepare authorised Hungarian translations of foreign-language official documents for corporate registration purposes (e.g. Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation, Signature Specimen, Minutes of Members’ Meeting), and based on Section 6/A of Decree No 24/1986 (VI. 26.) of the MT (Council of Ministers) the Corporate Registry accepts translations bearing the proper endorsement of LinguaMED Translation Agency.

Official documents for foreign employment

For Hungarian nationals working abroad and foreign professionals coming to work in Hungary we translate professional CVs, diplomas, certificates, various official documents, professional certificates and certificates of good conduct. Translation assignments are accepted with short (1-2 day) deadlines at favourable prices with no special urgency surcharges.

Properly endorsed translations vs. certified public records

If you need other types of documents translated from a foreign language to Hungarian or vice versa, it is highly recommended that you inquire whether properly endorsed documents are acceptable or if you are required to obtain a certified public record translation prepared by OFFI (Országos Fordító- és Fordításhitelesítő Iroda – Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd.).

LinguaMED accepts orders for the official translation of the following types of documents (among others):

  • Medical reports, discharge reports
  • Diplomas
  • Language examination certificates
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Government certificates
  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Signature Specimens
  • Articles of Association
  • Minutes of Members’ Meetings
  • Official certificates
  • Statements
  • Contracts
  • Registration course books

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