We accept translation, proofreading and complete localisation assignments for business and institutional websites related to any medical, pharmaceutical or other healthcare product or service. The foreign language versions of websites will be impeccable in all respects and will not appear like a “translation”, lest they deter potential clients from using and purchasing the services or products offered by your company. LinguaMED Translation Agency offers the following website translation services:

Professional translation

Translation of the text of your website in accordance with local market requirements and cultural characteristics.

Linguistic and technical proofreading

If the translated or localised version of your website is already available in the target language, we recommend our linguistic and technical proofreading services. During linguistic proofreading, our proofreaders check the grammar and style of the target language content, or if the source content is available, they prepare a comparative linguistic review of the two (source and target language) versions, and if necessary suggest corrections and modifications to the target language text. In addition to linguistic proofreading, we also offer technical proofreading services.

This service is provided by our professional translators with competence in the relevant technical field, high-level skills in the related technical vocabulary, and many years of experience in technical translation.

Complete website localisation

Website localisation requires much more than the simple translation and proofreading of the content. Complete website localisation includes the following phases: translation, proofreading by a native speaker and a technical proofreader, and finally, culturally appropriate adjustment of the entire content that also takes into account local market requirements (for example, certain text and graphic content may need to be adjusted).

First, we extract the complete text content of your website using our special software tools, followed by translation and review, internal proofreading and quality checks, and finally, we upload the target version to your website. The next step is quality control: our IT group that includes web developers and graphic designers tests the functioning of the website, and finally, our proofreaders recheck the entire uploaded and tested content and indicate if there is a need for any subsequent modification. 

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